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Apprenticeship--by various names--is a component of almost all professions. I believe that a robust doula profession grows from doulas who are well-supported as they embark on their work. Furthermore, I see that families gain immense benefit from the tandem support of two complementary doulas.

I believe that this combination is hugely beneficial. It offers unparalleled synergy of support: the best of what a seasoned and a new doula have to offer.

benefits for families

  • Two layers of support:  the experience and wisdom of a salty doula combined with the fresh energy and enthusiasm of a green doula;
  • Knowledge that comes from years of practice and knowledge that comes from new learning;
  • Seamless labor support as your doulas and your partner collaborate and spell each other;
  • Having two doulas that know you intimately, creating continuity in the event a backup doula is needed.

benefits for doulas

  • Allowing you to shine in the areas where you are already quite competent;
  • Removing stress about encountering information you don’t yet know or situations you’ve not yet experienced;
  • Gaining experience while being supported in your learning and growth;
  • Developing your skillset in supporting the full spectrum of reproductive experiences;
  • Laying the foundation for a robust practice.

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I have seen this combination serve and support families in beautiful ways.  I recognize that it can be hard to envision what a team of support will look and feel like before you experience it. Please inquire--I love discussing your needs and helping you find the best support.

If you are a new doula interested in learning more about apprenticeship opportunities, please contact me. I co-mentor with Christy Hall, and you can learn more about our Metta Lineage by getting in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!