for individuals

The landscape of reproductive care is vast. Birth options are many. The piles of books are endless. Where will you go? With who? And with what preparation?

I can help you examine your options and tailor strategies and approaches that fit your needs. Coaching sessions are typically one time, or a series of four sessions.

You may come with a specific question or need: pregnancy options coaching, care provider or birth place decisions, examining desires for a second or third birth experience. You may also want to have personalized education and coaching as you prepare for birth and parenting. Get in touch and we will design sessions to fit your needs.

for organizations

Developing rich, robust programs starts from the ground up. Clarifying mission, values, and vision and interlacing that with resources and responsibilities can feel like a tangle of threads to sort out.

I assist organizations and teams in designing and implementing creative and evidence-based programming that delivers results. Together, I lead you through a process that uncovers well-articulated goals, identifies values, and leads to commitment and satisfaction in your organization. The outcome is a design that meets your needs and sets you up for success. I look at how to create a nimble program that can grow, avoid breakdowns, and be sustained.