I have been a full-time doula for over 8 years, and supported more than 200 families. I work with clients at home and at all the clinics, birth centers, and hospitals in Portland, Vancouver, and surrounding areas.

My approach encompasses the fact that you don't get to chose the cards you're dealt, but you do have a choice in how you play them. My role is to help stack the deck in your favor and assist you in having the kind of experience you envision.

I named my practice BirthRoot because I believe that support does more than just help you have an enriching experience in the moment--it lays a foundation for future positive experiences.

I am both a planner and an intuitive person. When we work together, you receive the benefit of my years of research, study, and experience coupled with my ability to meet you in the moment. I have established relationships with a broad community of providers, and can also connect you with care in other areas, as needed.

I have training and experience in waterbirth, optimal fetal positioning, vaginal births after cesareans (VBACs), and breastfeeding. I have specific skills in supporting gender queer families, people with histories of trauma, sexual abuse, and domestic violence, and those experiencing perinatal depression and perinatal anxiety. 

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