birth support

As a birth doula, I help you to tune into your instincts, to trust yourself, and I assist you in achieving your goals. My support becomes scaffolding for you to author your own story. 

Birthing is a path of self-discovery. What a person needs to walk that path can vary: a listening ear, a thinking buddy, exposure to options, time to sit in the unknown, or backing to move in a new direction. Your goals and wellbeing are my paramount focus as we work together.

Birth is a transformative event. The experience is a portal to re-pattern and access your inner strength and capabilities. Caring and consistent support is foundational in this liminal experience. 


"Gracie was by my side, not afraid of my mysterious pain, and possessed with a sisterly wisdom that helped me endure it; and I was able, with that, to cross over and push push push into motherhood."
"Gracie calmed me down during contractions and decision making. She was amazing support for my husband during labor and birth... I think we would have felt lost and frustrated without her guidance."


I help keep the birthing person at the center of the experience. When we work together:

  • I listen to you and seek to understand your individual situation, desires, and goals.  
  • I help you assess what you need in order to move through labor in a way that feels right to you and helps you meet your goals.  
  • I am your encyclopedia and cheat sheet throughout the process, a grounded and grounding presence that you can rely on.  
  • I tailor my years of experience, skill, knowledge, and resources to bolster and better your journey.


A significant part of my role is to strengthen the dynamic between a birthing person and the family and friends chosen to be present. I recognize that a person's "birth partner" may be a romantic partner, a family member, or friend. 

I assist the partner in being involved in ways that work for each of you--I may demonstrate a technique for the partner to use, remind them of what to do or say. We work together as a team, so that there is continuous, steadfast presence by your side.

My support also decreases anxiety often experienced by partners. They are given a nearly unattainable role to fill: recall information learned and read, apply it in this new situation, understand and communicate with staff and care providers, and remain steadfast. This can leave little room to simply and importantly be present and enjoy the experience.

By being a source of knowledge and a comforting presence, I alleviate some of the pressure partners often feel to "do it all" or "remember everything".  I enable them to be at their best.


You have brought many people on to your team to help you in this process:  your doula, midwife or doctor, nurse, lactation consultant, acupuncturist, etc. My aim is to work collaboratively to help you access each team member's unique set of skills. I facilitate communication between you and the people that are caring for you.

Having worked with many different care providers in a variety of settings and circumstances, I can provide you perspective on the care and recommendations you receive. I do not make decisions for you; rather, I illuminate choices available and help you determine what makes sense for your circumstance.